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Previous line by @braydensaucier
The misty streets were empty as he walked to work that morning.
Previous line by @xbase
Elly et James son de jeune villains , ils ont enfin décider de joindre la plus grande organisation de criminels au japon.
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Previous line by @seanking
“Vacationing in Alaska in February might be the worst idea I ever had!” She said aloud, to no one in particular. But someone answered.
Previous line by @sambecker
Moses picked up the newspaper and sighed. “Man steals prize-winninggoat, makes millions at county fair.” How could I have let this happen? he thought.
Previous line by @benjaminchandler
North & South Dakota. Eventually, though, the Mole Folk of Yumaria got sick of the dirt sprinkling on their city. When Princess Mulalum's eyes got infected from the falling soil, her people had had enough. War was quietly declared as they armed their mole machines & digger tanks.
Previous line by @benjaminchandler
Are you ready? Let's ride. See that twinkle of light on the left? Head towards that. Let it surround you, permeate you. Meld with it. No, it's not sexual, it's metaphysical. Honestly, can you not? You always turn everything pervy. I'm trying to expand your consciousness here.
Previous line by @seanking
monitorlizard wearing a red collar. The collar had a bone shaped tag. The tag read “SPOT” on one side, “reality is a consensus hallucination” on the other side. There was an envelope next to Spot.
Previous line by @elkelley
Ever since I could remember, I longed to be a witch. As I saw the great people of society rise above, they left behind the ancient art, and I longed to reach back and grasp it. My grandmother would tell tales of how we could unlockthispower, but I never knew how. Until now.

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What is Byline?

A multiplayer creative writing experience where a group of authors creates a story, one line at a time.

How does it work?

Loosely based on exquisite corpse, each author writes a line having only seen the line directly before theirs. Once complete, the creator titles the story and shares it with the group.

Who does the writing?

Public Stories

If you create a story (by clicking the new story button New Story Icon) and don’t invite other authors, then it posts publicly to Byline and can be contributed to by any author on the platform.

Private Stories

If you invite individual people (by username, email, or phone number) and deselect Plus others on Byline then your story becomes private and only those invited can contribute.

What if I see something offensive?

If you see something that doesn't live up to our standards report it by clicking the next to any line.