A multiplayer creative writing app. Add to a story knowing only the previous line.

A multiplayer creative writing app where stories are built line by line. One author adds to a story knowing only what the previous author wrote.

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Previous line by @seanking
That’s right, simply Sab. Not short for Sabimer or Sabronius or Sabucillium. His biggest problem was introductions. People always heard his name as “sad”.
Previous line by @seanking
Maybe, just maybe, with the right purchases, I can achieve my dream. I can play through the new Zelda game in one sitting. I study the packages to find the diapers that will fit me.
Previous line by @martapaskoska1
The first trick worked like a charm. With bated breath he awaited me to show him another one, and this time I decided to step it up. Halfway through one of my more impressive feats of prestidigitation, it hit me. I'd forgotten the doves for the grand finale.
Previous line by @leyregarciaecharri
My feet were shaking. The other people were going so calmly while I was shaking like an earthquake, maybe hell wouldn't be those people, maybe hell was inside me. I stopped to put well my shoe on, but in the meantime
Previous line by @benjaminchandler
Seeking peace, I find a bench in the park & watch sparrows peck at the loose sesame seeds that fell off someone's burger bun. A bicyclist zips through them, & the sparrows sweep into the air like autumn leaves, but one was hit by the bike & hops lamely about with a crooked wing.
Previous line by @benjaminchandler
The ring was gone! Josh checked his other pockets, but it wasn't there either. He got on his hands & knees, searched the sidewalk, ran fingers through the median's grass, checked the beaks of nearby pigeons. Panic chilled his gut. "What are you doing?" asked Oliva. She was early.
Previous line by @seanking
“Don’t be sorry”, she said. “I consider it a battle scar. I faced death and laughed.” Then she winked and walked away.
Previous line by @martapaskoska1
They still had a pulse on the man, but just barely. Suddenly, his eyes began twitching uncontrollably. The EMTs lifted his eyelids, their sight unexpectedly fastening on a pair of bright red irises and dilated pupils.

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What is Byline?

A multiplayer creative writing experience where a group of authors creates a story, one line at a time.

How does it work?

Loosely based on exquisite corpse, each author writes a line having only seen the line directly before theirs. Once complete, the creator titles the story and shares it with the group.

Who does the writing?

Public Stories

If you create a story (by clicking the new story button New Story Icon) and don’t invite other authors, then it posts publicly to Byline and can be contributed to by any author on the platform.

Private Stories

If you invite individual people (by username, email, or phone number) and deselect Plus Others on Byline then your story becomes private and only those invited can contribute.

What if I see something offensive?

If you see something that doesn't live up to our standards report it by clicking the next to any line.