A multiplayer creative writing app. Add to a story knowing only the previous line.

A multiplayer creative writing app where stories are built line by line. One author adds to a story knowing only what the previous author wrote.

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Previous line by @wintercoffeee
Panicking for your life, you tried to rush down the stairs to escape the house that would crumble down to ashes. You look back at the last step to yell at them. "Run away!" It stuck in your throat. That person was you. With a molten face, itsmiledandhid back in the shadows.
Previous line by @seanking
I cursed Dad’s bargain hunting. Day-oldsushi is never a “great deal”. I heard the second lavatory door shut and latch just as my own gut started to rumble.
Previous line by @seanking
She was trying to keep her head above the rising waters and conserve her energy. Then she heard a voice, high, soft, and bubbly. “Join us, Cassandra. Live under the waves. Trust me.” She looked into the water, eyes wide.
Previous line by @seanking
“Not again”, you mumble. Then you climb out of bed into your fire suit and magma boots. You aim your Kelvin gun at the base of the flames, methodically dousing them. You extinguish the bedroom first, then work room by room to secure the house.
Previous line by @benjaminchandler
"Who's disappointed?" It was Mimi Bedrosian, standing up, swinging her arm in a circular motion. She unzipped her bag & it practically burst with disc golf discs—distance drivers, fairway drivers, midranges, & one glow-in-the-dark putter featuring a drawing of a fiery falcon.
Previous line by @benjaminchandler
Ask any donkey to restore a 1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and they'll politely tell you to "Shove off, hoser." But not Ricardo. That beast of burden will restore your rusty vintage muscle car better than new. That's why Gus brought his 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda to Ricardo's shop.
Previous line by @seanking
they both came to in the Cadillac. It sat at the side of a dirt road, the front right wheel hanging over a ditch. They had been driving down a busy suburban road, with strip malls on both sides. Now they were surrounded by farmland.
Previous line by @seanking
OK, OK. Deep breath. Take inventory. What do I have? A spacesuit, with enough air for 2 days. A propellant pack. Water and nutrient gel in helmet tubes. A radio link to ground control. What I do not have is an intact spacecraft or a way to safely return to Earth’s surface.

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What is Byline?

A multiplayer creative writing experience where a group of authors creates a story, one line at a time.

How does it work?

Loosely based on exquisite corpse, each author writes a line having only seen the line directly before theirs. Once complete, the creator titles the story and shares it with the group.

Who does the writing?

Public Stories

If you create a story (by clicking the new story button New Story Icon) and don’t invite other authors, then it posts publicly to Byline and can be contributed to by any author on the platform.

Private Stories

If you invite individual people (by username, email, or phone number) and deselect Plus Others on Byline then your story becomes private and only those invited can contribute.

What if I see something offensive?

If you see something that doesn't live up to our standards report it by clicking the next to any line.