A collaborative creative writing app where stories are built line by line.

Contribute to multiplayer stories, seeing only what the previous author wrote. Modeled on the game exquisite corpse, each creation is gloriously unique!
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Previous line by @leroymoorehead
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The hopelessness in Marcos voice had started to emerge sometime after the tenth time he’d said those same words to Eden. He was beginning to feel it maybe no good, it had been four days since eden first sat. The table wascoursed, Eden trapped to starve by its cruel illusion.
Previous line by @leroymoorehead
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The convenience of exploitation and subjugation had collectively robbed humanity of its memory. The sad truth is that humans are magical beings as well, each one possessing an aura just as potent (if not different) as that of any pixie. The entitlement of elitism took their magic
Previous line by @leroymoorehead
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Calm, still and silent sat the boy, dwelling not a second on the voice, nor who’s it might have been. He knew the night, and knew that nobody had spoken. Thenighthadspoken, and he knew not to speak to the night, lest he never leave it
Previous line by @samanthawatson
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All I ever wanted was peace between fairies and humans. I never would have thought I’d fall for one. Hi I’m Sapphire I’m a fairy!
Previous line by @acissejnil
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Sarah impatiently drums her hand on her desk. The classroom is silent except for the slow droning of Mr. Low explaining the concept of derivatives. Her eyes swivel to the big glass windows on the far side of the classroom, holding her her breath as the clock zeros in “3…2…1.
Previous line by @acissejnil
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There was no doubt about what had to be done. Looking at that great power that assumes this responsibility, I put it back in its case, threw it in the ocean, and ran.
Previous line by @eliana
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“Come on,” he pleaded. “Say something to me.” He looked at my face a few moments more, analyzing my features, before sighing. “Fine I’ll say it. Please.”
Previous line by @liathorn
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If things weren't perfect.. well, people knew how that went. She would throw a tantrum, knocking down everything, and I mean everything. So why was the fire pit dirtyandunclean... and she wasn't yelling?

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What is Byline?

A multiplayer creative writing experience where a group of authors creates a story, one line at a time.

How does it work?

Loosely based on exquisite corpse, each author writes a line having only seen the line directly before theirs. Once complete, the creator titles the story and shares it with the group.

Is this a game?

Yes! Get started by creating a story and sharing it with friends. Don't know any writers? No problem. Post your story to Byline and you'll meet some!

Who does the writing?

Public Stories

If you create a story (by clicking the new story button New Story Icon) and don’t invite other authors, then it posts publicly to Byline and can be contributed to by any author on the platform.

Private Stories

If you invite individual people (by username, email, or phone number) and make sure Plus others on Byline is deselected then your story becomes private and only those invited can contribute.

What's a breadcrumb?

Breadcrumbs give authors an opportunity to select a key word/phrase from their line that they think is important. Breadcrumbs are visible for the life a the story and can act as clues that offer additional context.

They are optional, but fun to add!

What's a sequel?

Sequels are stories spawned from the last line of other stories. To create a sequel go to the bottom of a finished story and select Write More Create sequel based on this story.

What if I see something offensive?

If you see something that doesn't live up to our standards report it by clicking the next to any line.