A multiplayer creative writing app. Add to a story knowing only the previous line.

A multiplayer creative writing app where stories are built line by line. One author adds to a story knowing only what the previous author wrote.

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Previous line by @thewordplayer
single pickle with a face on it. I must be smoked out of my mind. Then the pickle started speaking. “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty!” the pickle exclaimed, “I’m pickle Rick!” That must have been some good kush, because that, was perhaps, the funniest stuff I have ever seen.
Previous line by @thewordplayer
Then he crawled his way out the window and morphed back into human form. The roof provided an excellent vantage point — he just needed to make sure no one could see him. No matter, he could turn into clear slime at any time. And that’s just what he did. He readied his sniper.
Previous line by @jacobsherman
Martin was no Leo the Capricorn, and he most certainly wouldn’t be painting her like one of his French girls. The lady gave him the cold shoulder. Her heart would have gone on, if she had one. This wasn’t any ordinary fail, but a titanic one. Gregor patted Martin on the shoulder.
Previous line by @jacobsherman
She did her regular exercise and worked up quite a sweat. Persephone’s phone rang in her purse. Who else could it be but— “Hey, it’s Hades here. Ha deez nuts gottem.” Persephone frowned. “So anyway I packed for you a most exquisite snack — a pomegranate! Hope you enjoy! Bye now.”
Previous line by @jacobsherman
But when all was said and done, the Italian Mafia finally banded together against one common enemy. Not “bahscetti”, “gaspetti”, or “pasghetti”, but, “noodles”. “Noo-doles? What’s that?” Jackie asked, bewildered. “You heard me,” a mysterious man said, “Noo… dles.” A gong sounded.
Previous line by @jacobsherman
He then found it lying on the floor, split in half. Ink leaked out of the broken pen. “Oh no, my pen, my most prized possession!” A sword rested in my right hand. “’Twas said that words speak louder than actions,” quoth I, “but the sword is mightier than the pen!” “Have at thee!”
Previous line by @robindevereaux
And, well, who can turn down a good piece of French bread, elf or beast? Food would unite them and -
Previous line by @seanking
Goober studied hard and became a seeing eye dog. The most remarkable unrelated fact was that Goober was the only dog in the world who could see color.

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What is Byline?

A multiplayer creative writing experience where a group of authors creates a story, one line at a time.

How does it work?

Loosely based on exquisite corpse, each author writes a line having only seen the line directly before theirs. Once complete, the creator titles the story and shares it with the group.

Who does the writing?

Public Stories

If you create a story (by clicking the new story button New Story Icon) and don’t invite other authors, then it posts publicly to Byline and can be contributed to by any author on the platform.

Private Stories

If you invite individual people (by username, email, or phone number) and deselect Plus Others on Byline then your story becomes private and only those invited can contribute.

What if I see something offensive?

If you see something that doesn't live up to our standards report it by clicking the next to any line.