15 August 2021

This story is a sequel

"I sure have," said the phone. "I'm just so, so lonely." I took pity on it then. I picked the phone up & cradled it in my hands. "I'll be your friend," I said. "Oh!" sighed the phone, "Companionship at last!" I swiped away its face to find the apps. "You got Candy Crush, though?"
Benjamin C @ 7/10 10:23pm
  • You realize something about the voice that has been following you and it is that the phone is PAL from that movie you watched called The Mitchell’s VS the Machines
    Logan P7/11/21 3:36pm
  • “But you said movies aren’t real, Mommy! How can an animated movie character be a phone? I’m only seven, but I’m seriously sick of your lies.”
    Sean K avatarSean K7/11/21 7:41pm
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  • The mom then slapped the poop out of the child.” You do not question my words you pathetic worm, now let’s go!”. They walked over to the movie theater, and sat in their seats.
    Macaroni D avatarMacaroni D7/13/21 10:55pm
  • Movie trailers stuttered over the screen. A comedy about a man in love with a houseplant. A thriller about a nurse who steals her patients' eyes. A fantasy epic about dragons, knights, & elf nudists. Another comedy—this one about a lion playing baseball. None of them looked good.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C7/30/21 8:25am
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  • Except maybe for that epic about dragons and elven nudists. I definitely dig that. My “boyfriend” arrived and sat with me, just as the movie was about to start. I was so hungry, that I didn’t noticed that I just bite a sandwich full of mayonnaise that I…
    Caz S avatarCaz S8/8/21 11:19pm
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  • immediately had a reaction—I was deathly allergic to mayonnaise! Suddenly I felt dizzy, scaled beasts and nude faeries circled above. “Help,” I whimpered. My magic boyfriend grabbed my pills and patted them into my Minotaur mouth. I whinnied and all was fine for a moment.
    Sam B avatarSam B8/15/21 3:54pm
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The End