real title is Untitled App

11 July 2021

  • As you look at new apps for TikTok in the App Store you find a interactive story app named Untitled
    Logan P6/24/21 1:33am
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  • Is the Name of this Game. It was free, so I downloaded it and gave it a shot. My phone made a series of whistles and popping sounds, then the screen cycled through primary colors. “Let’s begin” whispered a voice behind me.
    Sean K avatarSean K6/26/21 4:23am
  • … A hoarse and guttural voice that sounded in a way, child like. I turned my head but no one was there. Suddenly, a notification from the app appeared on the screen. I tapped on it and
    Caz S avatarCaz S7/1/21 9:54pm
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  • my phone made a buzzing sound, then went dark. I put it in my pocket with sweaty hands and paced down the street, shoulders hunched. I heard the voice again. “Stop following me!” I screamed. Just then I felt my phone getting hot in my pocket. It burned as I fumbled to find it.
    Sam B avatarSam B7/3/21 7:45pm
  • I grabbed and threw it down. As it hit the floor it spun around, grew larger and grew a face. “Think you can get rid of me that easily?” The phone said with a grin. “What?” I fumbled. “Are you the voice that’s been talking me to me?”
    Rietje B avatarRietje B7/3/21 7:59pm
  • "I sure have," said the phone. "I'm just so, so lonely." I took pity on it then. I picked the phone up & cradled it in my hands. "I'll be your friend," I said. "Oh!" sighed the phone, "Companionship at last!" I swiped away its face to find the apps. "You got Candy Crush, though?"
    Benjamin C7/10/21 10:23pm
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The End