Fly to Die for a Fond MEPhone

5 October 2021

This story is a sequel

immediately had a reaction—I was deathly allergic to mayonnaise! Suddenly I felt dizzy, scaled beasts and nude faeries circled above. “Help,” I whimpered. My magic boyfriend grabbed my pills and patted them into my Minotaur mouth. I whinnied and all was fine for a moment.
Sam B @ 8/15 3:54pm
  • The phone, now mad, sits next to you at the theater
    Logan P8/20/21 2:20am
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  • Or so I thought… I felt less drowsy, yes, but somehow the faeries started to feel more and more real! Did the mayonnaise really made me feel sick, or did my boyfriend gave me something else? Suddenly one of the faeries started talking to me and I started to feel
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    Caz S
    8/20/21 2:58am
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  • light. Like I was floating above the ground. Not floating, flying! Everyone was larger and I kept hearing a high tinkling sound. Then it hit me like a scoop of macaroni salad: that wasn’t mayonnaise. It was
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    Sean K
    8/20/21 11:15am
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  • tzatziki! Someone spiked my gyro! But who? The blonde who seated me? She seemed kinda shifty, blue eyes darting. Or maybe my waiter? He wasn't too enthusiastic when he yelled "Opah!" as my saganaki went up in flames. Or maybe it was the bartender? Did he slip a Mickey in my ouzo?
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    Benjamin C
    8/20/21 12:23pm
  • I scanned the establishment taking in every action of every patron in it. Until everything began to seemingly move in slow motion. I grabbed my hat and my coat and fumbled my way to the door. I need to lie down! I found my way to the grass just as blackness closed in on me.
    Alex R8/23/21 10:59pm
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  • I heard a rough voice. “Wake up!” I struggled towards consciousness. No one was there. “Huh?” I tried to speak. The voice came again. “Look in your pocket.” I pulled out my buzzing phone. “Now you see the control I have over you—don’t forget it! It’s time to do things my way.”
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    Emily J
    10/3/21 12:52pm
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The End