Fly to Die for a Fond MEPhone: Part III

12 April 2023

This story is a sequel

We looked at each other in disbelief; the caller ID on each of phone read: 911. At that moment, the smartest dropped their phones and fled. The rest of us gazed into our black mirrors until they seared our hands. The dullest took the call and never heard another phone ring again.
Sam B @ 11/12 12:54am
  • When we answered that call, we were in this place with a phone named Meadow. She was the phone upriaimfdjslaOhjJn8/7– Booting MeadowOS.….
    Logan P avatarLogan P11/13/21 3:53pm
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  • I perused the apps: Gr@ss, WldFlwrz, ErthWrm, REEDZ… I’d never heard of any of them. But hey, I’m a SwampPhone guy. I’d have to learn MeadowOS today. I opened Moles & Voles and chuckled as it started up.
    Sean K avatarSean K11/25/21 5:03pm
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  • "A new version of Moles&Voles is available. Please download as using the current version may cause problems." Forget that, I thought. I ain't got time for updates. I tapped the phone, & the problems began. First a hole appeared in my sock. Then my aunt wrote me out of the will.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C11/26/21 6:41pm
  • Then I ran into a wall and ended up in an infinite expanse of dull wallpapers and smelly carpets, with the constant buzz of fluorescent lights. How did I get here? No time to think, I heard a loud gruelling noise and I wasn’t taking any chances. Now how do I leave…
    Jay K avatarJay K4/4/22 12:09am
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  • I needed a way out. Running my hands along the faded wallpaper I felt a crack. Frantically, I picked the edge of the paper until I found a loose section and ripped a strip of wallpaper free. There was a door. Reaching for the knob, I heard the growling noise closing in behind me.
    Emily J avatarEmily J4/8/23 10:44pm
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  • I could practically smell the beast. I jingled the handle, once, twice, at last I was able to open the door. I rushed in, closing it behind me. I looked around, sweating, panting, then the lights flipped on to reveal a studio audience. They clapped furiously. I guess I had won.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B4/10/23 3:17am
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The End