Fly to Die for a Fond MEPhone: Part II

The phones are rising?!

13 November 2021

This story is a sequel

I heard a rough voice. “Wake up!” I struggled towards consciousness. No one was there. “Huh?” I tried to speak. The voice came again. “Look in your pocket.” I pulled out my buzzing phone. “Now you see the control I have over you—don’t forget it! It’s time to do things my way.”
Emily J @ 10/3 12:52pm
  • You were out of time. You were chasing that bomb. But you WERE miguided. By who? Your iPhone. How? Right as I was given the mission a iPhone 5 fell from the sky. You said something to Siri and Loopie (an evil timeloop making Siri) pulled up. It got in my ICloud n hacked my iPad X
    Logan P10/13/21 9:38pm
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  • “Ha what’s that box in your hand, old man? An iPad?! OK grandpa, nice antique!” The sneering kid slapped his friend’s shoulder and they both snickered and sneered while showing off the GigaSlices strapped to their wrists and Quantum Gel smeared under their eyes.
    Sean K avatar
    Sean K
    10/13/21 10:16pm
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  • "You two think you're so smart, with your techno-hats and 24 megabyte press-on nails," he spat. "I'll show you what real livin' is about." With that, he tossed his tablet into the river. And his watch. And his beard trimmer & glow in the dark coffee cup. "I'm goin' off the grid."
    Benjamin C avatar
    Benjamin C
    10/18/21 8:57am
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  • He continued emptying his commuter bag and they gasped in horror seeing his connected way of life sink into the murky waters. “Why are you doing this?!,” they shouted. “You don’t have anything to prove!” It was too late though. He made his decision.
    Nathan B10/26/21 5:23am
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  • He yelled, “You have no idea! The electronics are rising up! Get rid of your phones!” The bystanders decided. “Time to call for an ambulance.” As he was dragged away by the EMTs, he shouted, “You’ll regret it!” With him gone, they felt safe. Until their phones all began to buzz.
    Emily J avatar
    Emily J
    10/30/21 11:17am
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  • We looked at each other in disbelief; the caller ID on each of phone read: 911. At that moment, the smartest dropped their phones and fled. The rest of us gazed into our black mirrors until they seared our hands. The dullest took the call and never heard another phone ring again.
    Sam B avatar
    Sam B
    11/12/21 12:54am
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The End