Jack vs. Cletus

From bombs to eggs…

29 November 2022

  • Jack grab snacks from movie Theater stand. Jack hear woman at stand and look up see worker give him popcorn and movie Ticket. Unknown stranger woman look at him not blank or take eyes off him. When man turn around to her Direction she disappear. Jack want in movie theater.
    louisgamer 3 avatarlouisgamer 33/2/22 3:14pm
  • Movie theater was very crowd. Movie sound is very loud. So many action in the screen, dont know where that women been. Then Jack smell something wrong, no nobody release gas, but the movie theater is very big bomb. Booooom Jack go away in time.
    Jay K avatarJay K3/2/22 4:10pm
  • Jack had no time to think, so he had to improvise. Theater security confiscated his pistol, so what could he use as a weapon? Time was moving fast and he didn’t want to panic the crowd by telling them they were literally inside a bomb, so he just hoped he could disarm it in time.
    Phil H avatarPhil H3/2/22 11:15pm
  • How could he even start looking for the bomb? There was too much people around and they can easily see what he would be up to!
    Damaskox avatarDamaskox3/9/22 6:00pm
  • So he decided to simply not look for it. Instead, he turned hastily and walked up the street to his family's restaurant. All that thought of bombs made him hungry for scrambled eggs and black coffee, except he suddenly remembered that he forgot to put his shoes on this morning.
    Marta P avatarMarta P3/14/22 1:08pm
  • The sign on the door read “no shirt no shoes no problem”, so he walked right in. “Hey little sister won’t you make me some eggs?” He sang as he poured himself a cup of joe. He took a pair of flip flops from the rack by the till and went to the corner booth.
    Sean K avatarSean K3/15/22 2:59am
  • No one had ever serenaded the chicken before, & she blushed under her feathers. "Buck-buck!" she said, which roughly translates to "Anything for you." Instantly she deposited 8 eggs in her nest, then demurely slid to the side so he could see them. He nodded. "Brown eggs. Exotic!"
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/16/22 6:29pm
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  • Okay now it’s getting a little weird. Who in his right mind would do such a thing a a chicken? Of course, who else could it be but Cletus. Not again! The hen laid green eggs on his plate of ham, and Dr. Seuss happened to notice this somehow. Who knew it was based on a true story?
    Jacob S avatarJacob S3/19/22 7:52am
  • And he just wanted some of them too. How could anyone say no to this!? He couldn't take back what he'd done though because the egg is literally sitting in front of him! It's almost begging him to eat it! Well that wasn't going to happen because Cletus has no idea how he got here
    Boris J avatarBoris J5/18/22 2:11pm
  • and time was running out. Still, the temptation was unbrearable. Taking one last good look at the Egg, he dashed out of the room to figure out where he was, and, more importantly, how to escape. Cletus suddenly tripped and fell into
    TurtleGameMaste R avatarTurtleGameMaste R5/20/22 10:12pm
  • Life Ethically dicey ways. Acknowledge the lie is one letter short of f. Rolling the dice I looked to the skyline
    Joshua S avatarJoshua S5/21/22 10:54pm
  • The Emerald City gleamed. I prayed that luck would shine its glorious green light on me. The dice settled into position. I unsquinted one eye, then two. Could it be? Bless my E's it was Eleven! I ran to the front office, laid down my chips, and heard the magical word: Excellent.
    Sam B avatarSam B11/27/22 7:40pm

The End