23 March 2022

  • Walter’s eyes shot open. He sat up and looked around the room. Predictably, it was unfamiliar. “Great,” he said. “I’ve been transported AGAIN. Now where in the world am I?” He got up off the floor and headed for the only door the room had to offer. He took a deep breath and
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    Phil H
    2/12 2:09am
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  • peeked outside. It was raining & the rank odor of manure snuck into his nose. Walter guessed he must be at a farm, but what kind? Through the murk of the morning light he spotted large four-legged creatures shuffling beyond a fence. They were bigger than cows. Lightning flashed &
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    Benjamin C
    2/12 10:23am
  • For the briefest of moments against the inky night, their form was revealed. It couldn’t be? Could it? These things were said to have been hunted to the edge of extinction. Another clap of thunder shook her from her thoughts. ‘This is going to be fun,’ she mused.
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    Jason M
    2/17 1:21pm
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  • With reckless disregard for her own safety she stepped further into the dark- fingers outstretched and every rational thought replaced by her inner scientist. If they could just grab onto something, it could be the big breakthrough she had been dying for. Come on. Come on.
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  • Then suddenly… her hand sensed a bump on the wall. Eureka. With one flick the whole room became flooded with light, except… “Surprise!” Confetti rained from the ceiling to the chaotic blows of the party blowers, while a much amused partygoer smushed a cake in her bewildered face.
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    Jay K
    2/23 4:47pm
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  • She licked the cake off her face. All she could do while everyone else was singing Happy Birthday was just stand there. Silently. Awkwardly. At this point she would have blown out the candles but the cake was on her face.
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    Jacob S
    3/23 1:25am
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The End