The Luck of Subject D

1 February 2021

  • Day 154 of the genetic mutation research: Subject D has started to repond to the treatment. The other subjects didn’t run with the same luck. I feel that sometimes we see progress and then hit a wall, but I am hopeful this time, we did some changes in the formula and I think
    Z G1/27/21 12:24am
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  • we can finally properly respond to ARC's demands. Day 156 of research: Subject D's physical status has suddenly plunged for the worst. We've run tests to figure out why but nothing's coming up. With this near-success ARC is hounding us even more and the entire lab is exhausted.
    Kara S1/27/21 12:51am
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  • "Word is coming from above that under no circumstances can we allow this to fail. ARC will pull funding when subject D's results are presented and it'll be game over for us all". We knew that there was only one thing we could do to to improve subject D's condition, and that was
    zeej Q avatarzeej Q1/27/21 12:09pm
  • to finish the genetic mutation sequence. We would have to remove Subject D’s creative impulses and render them completely practical, logical, and essentially emotionless. Only then could we prove our findings. We set to work, then, and in a week’s time, we reawakened Subject D.
    KW T avatarKW T1/27/21 6:00pm
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  • Subject D rose slowly and mechanically. It swung its legs over the side of the bed before calmly lifting its body with its graceful reptilian hands. “What day is it?” Subject D asked before noticing neon green paintings hanging on every wall and door. “And where am I?”
    Sam B avatarSam B1/28/21 6:10am
  • “You’re in a hospital room,” the doctor said gently. “Well... we were low on funds, so we had to rent out the warehouse where they usually have raves, as you can see from all the neon. But don’t be alarmed. It’s all been sanitized and you’re safe here.”
    Sunny A avatarSunny A1/28/21 8:18pm
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  • So it was the Newt Flu. It seems I was lucky and survived it. “Doctor, how long was I out?” The doctor looked at his chat and said “almost 60 months. We’re not sure what brought you out of the coma. Welcome back. A lot has changed.”
    Sean K avatarSean K1/29/21 1:31am
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  • Your friends, family, and the world. You are the only one is and always will be the same.
    Madeline S avatarMadeline S2/1/21 11:02am

The End