The True Vaccine to Covid


11 September 2021

  • I smile as every strike hits his body, I could kill guilt knowing that the plan was going correctly I was able to wipe away the guilt I feel for hurting him.The boy gasps out"Why me?" I give him an answer,"Don't worry im not going to kill you, I just need enough of your blood to
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    Physics O
    7/17 5:11pm
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  • extract enough antibodies to start synthesizing a vaccine. The beating and pain brings the strongest ones out, you see. Of course I’m a real scientist! I’m a certified gemologist.
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    Sean K
    7/26 3:38am
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  • I always add the "certified" bit to really convince the listener. I mean, who would trust an uncertified gemologist? I wouldn't. You shouldn't. They could misidentify your amethyst as fluorite and then you'd really be up schist creek without a paddle. That's a little stone joke.
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    Benjamin C
    8/4 9:32pm
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  • Covid is now a stone. Anti-vaxxers regret. The CovidChart online chart spiked so high that you needed to scroll up to see it. Covidrock is the new sucide game. And you are out to
    Logan P8/8 6:40pm
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  • As I thought of all the ways our world had changed since 2020, I tried to calm the panic rising in me. It was no use remembering how it used to be and wishing fruitlessly to return to a normalcy that would never again happen. All I can do now is focus on the survival of my kids.
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    Emily J
    9/8 12:24pm
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  • I hugged them close that night, putting all fears of contagion out of mind. Winds and dust swept over our encampment. Air raid sirens whined faintly in the distance. Before drifting off I kissed each kid on top of their head. What has not killed us must make us stronger.
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    Sam B
    9/10 3:50pm
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The End