The Best Elvis Impersonator

29 March 2022

  • I was walking down the street of lively men when a swift voice approached. A young lad stopped before me, catching his breath. “Sire! Sire!” “What is it?” “The King hath sent for thee, arrive there with haste!” But why, I thought, would the King send for a lowly commoner like me?
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    Jay K
    3/15 3:46am
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  • It so seemed that the King needed advice to a structure planning. Who else but the Commoner were to built it in the end? He and the others would join together in a group to plan.
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    3/15 4:22am
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  • Fred Commoner was the lead architect for Elvis Presley, and it was up to him to design and build an even greater “royal palace” than the original Graceland. The project was well underway at the time when Elvis died, but was quickly and quietly (and immediately) cancelled.
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    Phil H
    3/25 5:34am
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  • That was when he came up with the revolutionary idea of building a monumental pyramid which would put the famous three in Egypt to shame. A pyramid dedicated to Elvis, now that’s a million-dollar idea! His body would be embalmed to preserve his good looks, even in the far future.
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    Jacob S
    3/26 9:57am
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  • Although 5 decades after his death, it was really more about recreating Elvis’s looks. Good thing there were lots of photos and films to go on.
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    Sean K
    3/26 11:27pm
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  • Even the most skilled Elvis historian couldn't tell the difference between The King and our exquisite 3D model. How the rights to his sideburns had lapsed, we may never know, but one thing was clear: our product would set a new standard in the world of VR celebrity vacations.
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    Sam B
    3/28 11:02pm
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