15 March 2022

  • Once upon a time, there was a girl named Scarlet . She worked at a amusement park in the summer of course.
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    Emma M
    2/26 5:33pm
  • It was the hottest day of the summer, and she could barely keep herself hydrated enough. As she waited at the Ferris wheel for the ride to end, she became lightheaded all of a sudden, then everything went black…
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    Phil H
    2/26 6:54pm
  • No, that’s not exactly the best way to describe it, it’s more as if an editor took two different clips and spliced them together, no transition. There was no “black”. The next moment, she arose from her dreamless sleep and found herself on a hospital bed. Water. She needed water.
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    Jay K
    2/27 4:00am
  • She rose, and pushed aside the curtains around her bed. She could see water for miles in every direction. She was on a raft getting farther from shore every minute.
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    Sean K
    3/15 3:10am
  • What's happening? Was she dreaming? A cold chill ran down her neck and then panic rose its ugly head.
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    3/15 4:30am
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  • "You're mine!" a hoarse voice cried. She ran past branch after branch in the cemetery, not daring to look back. She tripped on a root at the entrance and looked up to find a tombstone with a mirror. She stared back at her bare skull and realized with horror: she was already dead.
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    Sam B
    3/15 4:47am

The End