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22 July 2021

  • Where am I? Is this a bed I'm lay on? It's cool linen. I don't open my eyes. I recall previous events of the day and days gone by - I feel content. I open my eyes, they're met with sunlight streaming in between gossamer drapes. I hear the sounds of the garden and children playing
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    zeej Q
    7/9/21 3:00pm
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  • “Ring Around the Rosie”. I’m surprised children still play a game from the Middle Ages. Enjoying the breeze from the window, I get up, and attempt to find the bedroom door. But it seems to be missing. How do you lose a door?
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    Sean K
    7/11/21 1:53pm
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  • I then feel a terrible gut in my stomach, and run over to the bathroom, which doesn’t have a door either! I put my face into the toilet, and throw up
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    Macaroni D
    7/12/21 12:59am
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  • I felt relieved, never eat oysters that doesn’t look fresh…As I was looking at my reflection in the toilet water I finally understood, what if this was a doorway. It was a bold move, but I closed my eyes, put my head inside the toilet and flushed myself.
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    Z G
    7/21/21 12:42am
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