Bob and the Tree

23 July 2024

  • Bob fell out of the tree. Bob landed on top of a gum nut and Bob was in pain.
    Yestez avatarYestez7/7 7:48am
  • Bob writhed in pain on the ground. Bob realized his limbs were numb and Bob could not get up. Bob screamed and shouted for help but nobody heard him. Suddenly, below Bob, the ground collapsed.
    shayu avatarshayu7/7 6:52pm
  • But Bob survived by falling into a strange goo. Everything was dark underground but the goo was kind of glowy so Bob put some goo on his hands and started walking. Suddenly a strange noise was heard
    Z G avatarZ G7/12 10:58pm
  • he realized that the sound was a chirp from a bird above. He rubbed his eyes, removing the black goo from his eyelids until he could open them. And when he did, he realized that he was in a country he wasn’t familiar with. The hills shot up like knives and the air was crisp.
    Yuki A avatarYuki A7/21 8:16pm
  • “Aww man,” he said. “I’m stuck in a Radiohead album cover. Again. Second time this week.” He couldn't see the title from this angle, so he didn't know which album it was. It didn't matter. He walked around gingerly, making sure not to fall through the massive holes in the ground.
    Phil H avatarPhil H7/21 10:45pm

The End