Grandma grooves to school

In a stranger’s car

16 August 2021

  • Morning, I am driving my kids to school, hearing Baby Shark for the tenth time now. I forgot to have my coffee so I am a bit grumpy. Red Light, I make a stop and an old lady start crossing the street.”Pick up the pace miss” I am thinking, not really verbalizing it
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    Z G
    7/13/21 4:24pm
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  • Instead of crossing the road, she waddles to my car, opens the back seat & slides in next to my kids. "Grandma shark, do-do-da-do-do-da-doodoo," she sings with them. How does she know this song? The light turns green & I just drive. I guess Granny's coming to school with us.
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    Benjamin C
    7/16/21 10:34am
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  • “What’s slappin, kids?” she asks. The kiddos barely look up from their TikTok (we believe in early screen time). Grandm slinks back, looks out the window and absentmindedly flicks her fidget spinner. “Listen,” I say finally, “it’s a long drive. Who’s up for a real song?”
    Ben S7/25/21 2:55am
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  • Here, I’ll teach you kids an old classic tune. Listen close: “oops, I did it again, I played with your heart, got lost in the game.”
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    Sean K
    7/26/21 3:20am
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  • The children stared at me with a blank expression. The little boy closest to me asked if I knew any Trance music. I explained that I cannot hit those notes.
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    A P
    8/10/21 3:57pm
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  • The boy thought for a moment. “Well someone has to deter the hoards,” he finally said. I gingerly scanned the stations until I found the right beat and began belting out the words that flowed to my lips, “goblins and trolls be gone be gone, none of you shall traverse our lawn!”
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    Sam B
    8/15/21 4:20pm
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The End