"I met a Youtuber Mom!!!": Part 4

19 April 2021

This story is a sequel

"YOU IMBECILE, I was going to become the famous blooper clip person", said Emma. "And you idiotic Piper decided to turn the camera on early and mess it up, and for that we are no longer peeps. Sayonara". As she left Piper started to cry, "I'm sorry!"
Megamanisgod @ 4/9 4:54pm
  • Hey everyone I'm sorry that we are doing a change of plans so today we will be doing the 24 hours handcuffed to my BFF piper. Piper looked happy she said nicely.
    Emma M avatarEmma M4/9/21 4:59pm
  • And Piper was happy. She reflected on her life up until that moment and realized how lucky she was to be a BFF, and she would do everything necessary to repair her friendship. Consequently, Piper spent the rest of the day on YouTube sowing the seeds of her friend's success.
    Sam B avatarSam B4/19/21 4:20pm

The End