"I met a Youtuber Mom!!!": Part 3

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9 April 2021

This story is a sequel

I gently patted his furry forehead and slowly crept out of the room. Ratboy would not be joining me on this last adventure. As I searched my pocket for car keys I thought about all we’d been through. With tears in my eyes, I got in the rodentmobile and drove toward danger.
Sam B @ 4/5 9:12pm
  • "Hey, guys welcome back to my channel" "today we have piper rockell and we are pulling an all-nighter." All of a sudden when emma was making another video piper meanly said...
    Emma M avatar
    Emma M
    4/6 1:32pm
  • "That was not to start the video!" He scream out loud. Emma was scared she taked the camera and turn it off, she told Piper.
    Leyre G avatar
    Leyre G
    4/6 1:48pm
  • "YOU IMBECILE, I was going to become the famous blooper clip person", said Emma. "And you idiotic Piper decided to turn the camera on early and mess it up, and for that we are no longer peeps. Sayonara". As she left Piper started to cry, "I'm sorry!"
    Megamanisgod avatar
    4/9 4:54pm

The End