Nerd Mother's Sacrifice

Live Long and Pickle

29 May 2022

  • Digging through the back shelves of the pantry I found the last jar of pickles that grandma made before she died. "Well," I said to myself, "someone's got to eat 'em sometime." I assembled a sandwich, piled some chips beside it, & popped open the jar only to find that there was a
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    Benjamin C
    5/13 9:21am
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  • single pickle with a face on it. I must be smoked out of my mind. Then the pickle started speaking. “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty!” the pickle exclaimed, “I’m pickle Rick!” That must have been some good kush, because that, was perhaps, the funniest stuff I have ever seen.
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    Jay K
    5/14 3:55am
  • To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head.
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    Jacob S
    5/20 6:12am
  • She rolled her eyes as he bloviated about a prime time cartoon. How did she get cornered by this clueless guy? The only way to escape was the Deanna Troi Manuver:
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    Sean K
    5/22 9:07pm
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  • With that she disentangled herself. The boy, floundering in the tumult and bile of his psyche, hid away and watched the others. He soothed his ego with the very poisons that made him repellant: self-importance, rage, envy. All but one person successfully ignored the sight.
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    Chris B
    5/23 3:23pm
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  • The boy's mother, the only one who knew the depths of his damage, came forward. "Don't blame him," she said. "It it my fault—take me." The Spider Queen rushed over with her spindly legs and consumed the mother with her wet mandibles. The boy, too weak to intervene, quietly wept.
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    Sam B
    5/29 1:46am
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The End