Let Mischief In

11 March 2022

  • How I got into this situation, I’ll never know. The last thing I remember was me taking a book off the shelf at the library. There was a loud crash, and gale force winds blowing everything over. A bunch of other stuff happened, then
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    Phil H
    2/25 5:45am
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  • I found myself staring up at the daytime sky. Wait, the sun? It was 11pm when I entered the library... so what the hell just happened? Thinking about it, it's still kind of blurry. I'll save the thinking for later. But for now, adventure calls for me. And some aspirin, hopefully.
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    Deni D
    2/25 3:14pm
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  • Adventure! I ran down the aisles grabbing every remotely interesting book I could find, and read them all in one sitting. Every flip of the page fed into my imagination, now filled to the brim with adventures to distant lands. I envisioned myself on a journey in a mystical place.
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    Jay K
    2/26 5:28am
  • I studied the pile of books on my desk and my eyes were drawn to underneath my desk chair. A small, tatty red book. It’s cover was frayed and the pages yellowed like an old fishwifes smile. On the cover in faded silver were three words; ‘Let mischief in’ I opened it.
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    Jason M
    2/27 3:20pm
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  • “The Collective Wisdom of Mass Produced Suburban Wall Art: Finding the Pathos in the Banality.” I don’t usually enjoy reading graduate sociology thesis for fun, but I had a feeling I was going to “live, laugh, love” this one.
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    Sean K
    3/6 9:51pm
  • Little did I know this thesis was destined to become the international bestseller, “Live Laugh Love,” and, eventually, a blockbuster movie of the same name. Had I known, I might have left kinder comments, and avoided being the villain of the story, Professor Kerr Mudge!
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    Sam B
    3/10 9:15pm
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The End