Death and Tartar: Part II

Tartar Fur Me

7 July 2024

This story is a sequel

Last line fromDeath and Tartar
Next thing I knew, I was up in the clouds, in a daze. An angel greeted me. "Welcome to the Afterlife Hotel Resort, where you can live out the rest of your days in a state of Nirvana and bliss!" Wow, that sounded nice. But I didn't like that I was dead. How do I return to life?
Raj C @ 3/25 2:14pm
  • "How do I return to life?" I asked the angel. "There is no way," the angel told me, "you should just live your life in happy bliss as you are expected to." Suddenly, I saw Geovani, prince of the Ta-Ta Tartar Sauce empire, walk towards me. "They have endless tartar sauce here!"
    shayu avatarshayu6/25/23 11:32am
  • Well, that changed everything. "Endless tar-tar sauce?" Immediately I baked up some fish sticks & fries to dunk. After gorging myself at the Tar-Tar River for three days, I began to wonder if the sauce was truly endless. Thus began my journey to find the Source of the Sauce.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C6/25/23 3:43pm
  • I climbed mountains, crossed fields of poisonous corn, and swam through rivers of stuff that was definitely not tartar sauce on my search for the Source of the Sauce. But I knew each step was worth it, for I was getting closer to knowing if I truly had endless tartar sauce.
    N 88/19/23 12:16pm
  • I knew there were two enemies prowling behind me: ketchup and mustard. They were large, round brutes, but with the right force, they’d shatter like glass, and I relished the challenge.
    throw E avatarthrow E10/1/23 6:30pm
    Inactive LAUGH icon1
  • I kneeled down, faking my back was hurting. Then I lay down in the floor with my tongue out. Checking the floor temperature. Waited for a moment enjoying the moment. Then I started screaming very loud something about ducks. Mustard and Ketchup were clueless.
    Papa S10/2/23 8:28pm
  • Then it began: my skin, too tight, began to crack and peel away. I had grown too large for it. Soon I would shed it, and appear in my fully adult form, scales shiny and beautiful.
    Sean K avatarSean K10/17/23 3:18am
  • I couldn't wait. Soon the big day arrived… but when my skin peeled away I was met with fur instead of scales. FUR. I was so depressed that I listened to Disintegration over 27 times in a row. It would've been more but my tape wore out and broke. I’ve yet to replace it. Fur. Sigh.
    Phil H avatarPhil H7/6 1:02am

The End