The cheerio comes full circle

Cheerio, bro!

18 July 2021

  • So you heard a HONK when you were gardening so you look back and see a goose holding a pictureframe and a blanket so you throw the pictureframe over your fence to Astrid Lu
    Logan P7/11/21 3:32pm
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  • "What is this?!" Astrid calls back to you, but you don't answer. You're gonna give her a minute to remember—and she does.
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L7/15/21 10:50am
  • "Of course," she says, looking into her hand. "It's the world's last Froot Loop." The little pink circle rests in her palm like a sugar-coated ruby. "You know," you say, "I used to think the pink ones were cherry, but the colors don't matter. Every Froot Loop tastes the same."
    Benjamin C7/15/21 6:21pm
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  • Her eyes widen, and then she clamps down her fingers, crushing the fruitloop into dust which she allows to trickle through her fingers with a manic, insane grin. "They lied to us," she whispers, voice quivering. "How could they? How could they deceive us so?"
    LifezVictory7/16/21 2:24am
  • These so-called Fruit Loops are just sweet colorful Cheerios! Look at them, taste them. You know I’m right!
    Sean K avatarSean K7/16/21 3:00am
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  • I stared at them, and I couldn’t move.. they looked so menacing, and evil.. I then woke up in a hospital bed, and my mother was crying in a chair by me. “Mom, what happened?!”, I asked, “she’s dead, we’re finally free..”, she looked up at me with tears of joy, and she hugged me..
    Macaroni D avatarMacaroni D7/16/21 4:30pm

The End