Stupid romance zombie story

8 September 2021

This story is a sequel

Last line from 'Zombie's Hurdles'
I found myself sitting across from an undead CPA. “I don’t like the look of this,” she said, scanning my 401k. We each moaned. “Reckon you’ll be working another 20 years. Have any skills?” My jaw dropped. The CPA facepalmed and her nose fell off. Guess living’s the easy part.
Sam B @ 5/31 6:29pm
  • A zombie comes over and the CPA who’s name is Gianni Conner gets bitten. The CPA-zombie shambles over a few blocks to find that Principal Brown (the CPA-zombie’s teacher) was using a dirt bike to ride to the
    Logan P7/21/21 9:43pm
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  • Calculator Depot. An accountant can never have enough calculators. They have thin solar calculators, desk calculators, big cachunky adding machines, slide rules, proportion wheels, and a wide selection of abacuses.
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    Sean K
    8/5/21 10:34am
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  • Being the perfectionist I am, I choose 2 abacuses: One smaller and red, and another bigger and blue. I can’t fight with zombies, but I can surely count how many get turned into them. Meanwhile, Caroline
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    Caz S
    8/8/21 11:17pm
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  • was going through my iTunes. "What's this?" she asked, clicking on a playlist that shared her name. "Don't open—" I cried, but it was too late. She saw it. All 327 covers of "Sweet Caroline" I'd recorded over the last 5 years. She played one & my voice warbled over the speakers.
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    Benjamin C
    8/11/21 9:24am
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  • “Caroline, I .. I-“ I shuddered. Caroline giggled and embraced me. “This is the sweetest thing I have ever heard! I want to hear them all,” she shouted clicking through the playlist. It was in that moment, as we laughed and listened, that I felt closer to her than anyone before.
    Alex R9/2/21 8:52pm
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  • We listened all night, laughing, talking, our eyes occasionally welling up. How had we spent so many years not knowing each other. Was it too late? We were both advancing in years, as one could tell from the soundtrack. Then suddenly, without thinking twice, I kissed her.
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    Sam B
    9/8/21 1:49am
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The End