Leap of Faith

28 March 2022

  • The man walked over to the stage. He recognized the singers as Mary and William Duchance, the local crazy Christian family. Bizarrely, the couple decided to use karaoke night to spread their less-than-popular ideals.
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    Sammael H
    1/28 12:40am
  • Mary & William were Adamites, members of a 2nd century sect that believed in nudism as a means of returning to the innocence of the Garden of Eden. "Hi, folks," Mary smiled into the karaoke mic. "Bill & I hope to regale you with our favorite song, 'The Bare Necessities'."
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    Benjamin C
    1/30 8:41am
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  • “I hope she ain’t about to strip nekkid,” Ethel muttered to Carl. “I heard one time that they —“ “Ahem,” said Mary. She looked Ethel in the eyes. “Are you done? We’re here to SING. Got it?”
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    Phil H
    2/10 8:03pm
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  • “Oh we’ll SING alright, what’s up? Did you enjoy that time when you and Emma went to the sauna without me? Yeah I remember.” “Who’s Emma?” Carl stepped forward with both his hands out. “Whoa, hey, cut it out!” Ethel swatted away his hand. “Oh I’ll cut something out!”
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    Jay K
    2/18 12:38pm
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  • Ethel reached for a broken beer glass. She was about to bring it down on Carl when his quick thinking saved him. She found herself on the floor, her glass shattered into a million pieces. Just like her relationship and her fragile heart.
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    Jacob S
    3/25 7:12am
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  • She lay there for what seemed like an eternity, but was actually about 25,000 years. When Venusian archaeologists discovered her remains, and the glass fragments, they made the assumption that human hearts were made of glass which, in Ethel’s case, wasn’t too far from the truth.
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    zeej Q
    3/26 3:22pm
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The End