The Double Universe Walker

3 April 2022

This story is a sequel

Last line from 'Ambimetaguity'
Then I’ve decided to marathon Star Wars, no sequels, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. No, not Avatar the movie, or the horribly butchered The Last Airbender. The TV series. The previous story made a whole lot more sense to me now. I can finally end the whole trainwreck now. Peace.
Jay K @ 4/2 4:15am
  • Hi all, Sam B here. I’ve overrode ZJ’s account to create a second sequel based on the delightfully quirky first sequel. I’m sure ZeeJ will be cool about this as he’s on his eighth beer right now, so it feels like the perfect opportunity to pick up where he left off. So here we go
    zeej Q avatarzeej Q4/2 9:27pm
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  • But, as is often the case, none of it was quite what it seemed. As it turned out, Sam and ZeeJ were actually clones living in a parallel universe! They didn’t know it, of course, until they saw their doppelgängers on the nightly news getting thrown out of a pub. Worlds collide!
    Sam B avatarSam B4/2 11:37pm
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The End