Moon #2

6 August 2021

  • Everything was fine until the night a second moon appeared in the sky.
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L7/15/21 10:45am
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  • Luna peered out the window. “It’s tonight.” Her voice low. “Second moon,” her eyes gazed at the sight. She felt a chill of the looming darkness in air, despite the brightness of a second moon hanging eerily in the night sky.
    M K7/17/21 4:52pm
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  • The Tattoine reforestation project was going well. Ten years in and they had reclaimed nearly 10% of the desert. Two moons made the night sky too bright for good sleep, though.
    Sean K avatarSean K7/26/21 3:26am
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  • Day and night were almost the same in terms of light. I was trying to get some sleep in my space pod, with closed blinds. When I felt a tremor in the ground, It felt almost as an explosion.
    Z G avatarZ G7/31/21 4:48pm
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  • My pod flooded with crimson light as a red alert jolted me fully awake. I jumped through the opening hatch & saw Admiral Zyx extinguishing an acrid fire with purple foam. "We've been hit by an asteroid," he said. "Check deck 28 to make sure the Venusian penicillin is intact!"
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C8/4/21 9:40pm
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  • I saluted, turning 180° and breaking into a run. My plasma grenade rattled as it hit the floor skittering in his direction - a hot blast lifted me off my feet landing me adjacent the lift doors. Scrambling in I hit button 28 and scratched my groin, hopefully for the last time....
    zeej Q avatarzeej Q8/4/21 10:46pm
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The End