A Hot Slice of Heartbreak: Part II

1 November 2022

This story is a sequel

Reluctantly, she opened the door to the pantry—a place she seldom visited—and a wall of Sofa Cola™ crashed over her. “You ready to rock?” she scarcely heard from a corporate Sofa Cola musician, who continued without waiting for a response, “then drink up and take a seat!”
Sam B @ 5/7 8:36pm
  • She was scared to death. Nobody has ever talked to her like that.
    Lauren C6/20/22 8:44pm
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  • Which might seem strange for someone born in 1990, until you realize that she hadn’t seen, heard, or read a single advertisement ever before in her life. How is that possible, you ask? Simple:
    Sean K avatarSean K6/20/22 8:47pm
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  • She lived under a rock! With no TV! And she never went out once. Personally I envy her, I wish I wasn’t bombarded with commercial placements here, there and everywhere…
    Jay K avatarJay K6/21/22 1:11am
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  • And so she stayed under her rock, enjoying the dark coziness. Occasionally a worm would squeeze in & tell her news from outside. It was interesting to hear about the sky & rain & General Tso's chicken, but she was too scared to leave her hole. Then one day a very strange message
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C6/29/22 6:05pm
  • came in her hole. She grasped the rolled up letter and unrolled it, revealing the words “Come out”. She had been waiting for this day for years. Today, she can finally express herself for who she was without shame, without… oh. It meant to say that that quarantine has ended.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S6/30/22 6:22am
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  • But could she trust the note? After all these years of neglect and abuse? She cracked open one last can of Sofa Cola™, put on her mask, and opened the door. "Had enough rock?" a booming voice inquired. "Yes," she said, surprised by her confidence. She exited the store with poise.
    Sam B avatarSam B10/30/22 4:24pm
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The End