I Am John: Part II

John vs John

18 March 2023

This story is a sequel

Last line fromI Am John
John waved to his neighbor. "See any big lizards today?" His neighbor stared back with a strange expression. "Nevermind," John said. He'd just closed his screen door when something leapt onto his back, digging into his shirt with sharp claws. "No!" John screamed. "They're back!"
Sam B @ 3/11 7:11pm
  • After finding himself isekai'd into a version of Earth where dinosaurs lived alongside humans, John still had bad luck thanks to the dino-god of unluckiness. Case-in-point: he was now face-to-face with another person in his house who claimed that HE was John. Identity theft. 🤦🏽
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/14 4:13am
  • After at least 5 minutes of back and forth shouting, the two John’s calmed themselves and agreed to have a cup of strong tea instead of fighting over which of them was the original. John and Johnny, as they’d agreed to refer to one another, sat down to work this all out.
    Sarah F avatarSarah F3/14 4:54am
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  • Drinking a his cup of tea in the corner, he sees two men arguing over something. He eventually heard the conversation, he stood up and shouted "I'm the original John..." The two Johnnys stopped and looked up and their fear drained all the color out of their faces...
    K T avatarK T3/14 6:08pm
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  • "Oh yeah? Prove it!" shouted one, shakily. John rolled up his right sleeve and showed them a dark, hairy mole. "Got one of these?" he shouted.
    John K avatarJohn K3/17 4:34am
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  • Everyone looked at each other and then began laughing, pointing at him. "What a freak show!" And just like that, millions died by my hands. Good, right? if you make fun of the ones that have power, you must die. (Who will stop him?!)
    Ava E avatarAva E3/17 8:45pm
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The End