I Am John

13 March 2023

  • The drone of the meeting grew numb; sales were down - complaints were on the rise. Who wasn't aware? The memory of last night invaded. It was strange how fate could manipulate a person. But indeed, it had. In the end, he was left unscathed. Unlike John. John had been unlucky.
    Joseph ' avatarJoseph '3/7/23 6:07pm
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  • “And that brings me to the next item on my agenda… we’re unfortunately going to lay off the entire company because we now have a program that does all of your jobs.” Moments later John was escorted out of the building with his desk toys in a box. Could this day get any worse?
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/10/23 9:48pm
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  • John walked home after being laid off due to machines taking over his and everyone else's jobs. He was shocked when he found a giant crater where his home used to be. A dinosaur head was poking out of the center of the crater. "I am the god of unluckiness," it said. John fainted.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/11/23 3:24am
  • When John finally came to, it was late evening. A brilliant pink and orange sunset was shooting glares off the windows off his house, right into his eyes. The crater was gone and his house stood exactly as he remembered it. No dinosaur and no crater. He must have dreamed it.
    Sarah F3/11/23 5:57am
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  • John waved to his neighbor. "See any big lizards today?" His neighbor stared back with a strange expression. "Nevermind," John said. He'd just closed his screen door when something leapt onto his back, digging into his shirt with sharp claws. "No!" John screamed. "They're back!"
    Sam B avatarSam B3/11/23 7:11pm
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The End