Tilly and the mystery coin

29 September 2020

  • My story is no ordinary one. My name is Tilly and you still know nothing about who I am or how I got to be like this. I was just like you but I changed. Wanna know what happened..All started when I was eleven years old
    Z G9/23/20 3:20am
  • And I found this coin in the woods. I wasn’t supposed to be there- I was skipping school, in fact, because I couldn’t face another day of bullying by Rachael Park and her gang of mean girls. Anyway, this coin, it was larger than any I’d ever seen and it was this odd color. It was
    Robin D avatarRobin D9/23/20 12:18pm
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  • a deep purple on the sides and a hot pink along the edges. I couldn’t read anything written on the coin, and it didn’t look like any alphabet I’d ever seen. There was a profile of a woman’s face on the coin, and she looked
    Sean K avatarSean K9/23/20 9:01pm
  • constipated. I’d recognize that look anywhere, ever since mistakenly attending a Constiparty (not a party celebrating the constitution, I later found out). I put the coin in my pocket and left. As I walked I felt it get heavier and heavier, tugging on the waistband of my pants.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B9/24/20 12:38am
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  • The coin grew heavier with every step, pulling so hard on my pants pocket that it began tearing at the seams. It was almost as if it knew we had reached our destination. I looked up with relief to see a gleaming golden vending machine, practically begging for disc-based currency.
    Sam B avatarSam B9/25/20 2:27am
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  • The selection overtook me with great splendor. Various trinkets and antiques just a coin’s drop away from me. How to even choose? My hand gripped the penny, as if its cool, metallic touch would give me an answer. I then put it into the machine, and pressed the button.
    Kathryn D avatarKathryn D9/28/20 9:23pm
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The End