5 October 2020

  • A gust of autumn wind shook the hull of the decrepit RV sitting immobile before them. Three interlopers had traveled to this particular campsite to see this particular vehicle. They were sure it was empty until the door creaked open and a banana tumbled down to the forest floor.
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    Sam B
    8/26/20 8:20pm
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  • The banana was followed by a shoe, a half deflated basketball, and a small weird animal. “Pickle! Wait!” Someone screamed. The RV door swung open and revealed a large bespectacled man, completely nude except for a pair of Christmas themed socks. The three guests stopped. “Dad?”
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    Rietje B
    8/27/20 3:19am
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  • I paused the game, stood up, and laughed. I double checked the game info just to be sure. “Wow!”, I said, “This new Animal Crossing game has taken a strangely adult turn!” I picked up the controller and resumed play, a little nervous to see what would happen next.
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    Sean K
    8/27/20 3:33pm
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  • That was when the music started, low, with a beefy bass beat. The scene dimmed and a strange hush came over the scene, then a pinpoint spotlight came up and a sleek panther appeared, crouching low. He could hear her growling in the back of her throat and she crawled closer and
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    Robin D
    8/30/20 2:09pm
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  • closer. Then suddenly, the light went out! "Uhhhh. This wasn't part of rehearsal," he thought. As the subtle pats of her massive paws approached, he oddly wasn't nervous. He felt her fur brush against him and unbeknownst to him, he reach out...
    Nathan B9/24/20 1:04am
  • Took her paws and stood there waiting for the music to start...Then the melody was heard. He and her loving cat started dancing the loveliest song ever heard. That was the most beautiful show enjoyed by crowd.
    Z G10/5/20 1:20am
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The End