When Logic Isn’t Available

27 March 2022

  • In the three years Roger and Shelley had been dating, Roger had won precisely zero of the arguments. He figured it was just a “battle of the sexes” type deal, where he couldn’t have won no matter what, but in fact it was
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    Phil H
    3/24 5:03am
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  • quite simple really. Generally speaking men tend to focus more on facts while women tend to resort to more emotional appeals. They were just another average couple. Roger never “won” a single argument because Shelley would yell, scream and shut him down every step of the way.
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    Jay K
    3/24 5:25am
  • An astute observation. With this knowledge at hand Roger decided to head over to the local bookstore and grabbed a book on logic. He was about to, pardon the cliche, DESTROY her with FACTS and LOGIC. Or so he thought.
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    Jacob S
    3/25 6:25am
  • All of the books on logic appeared to be sold out, so Roger grabbed the next best thing: a self help book called "How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You". This will do just fine, he thought to himself.
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    Marta P
    3/25 7:33am
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  • After all, it was only a prop. He didn’t have to actually read the book. But he did, in one intense 5 hour Oreo-fueled readathon. And he learned a lot about his cat that day.
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    Sean K
    3/26 2:47am
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  • But 1 sad fact from his cat's diary stuck out: she'd never had a birthday party. Bryce spent months inviting strays & learning how to make angel food cake. The surprise made Princess jump, fall into a tray of catnip shots, & scramble crying out the door. A video of it went viral.
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    Benjamin C
    3/27 8:21am

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