30 May 2021

  • It took me a minute to fully register what I was seeing. Why was the apple in my hand PURPLE?
    Lynsie L
    4/28 2:59pm
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  • Maybe it wasn’t an apple after all, maybe it was a huge grape! And all of this was just a weird was like stepping into Barney the dinosaur nightmare.
    Z G4/30 1:49am
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  • Oh f..., I shouldn't have thought about it, the last thing this dream needs is a bloody purple dinosaur with psycho eyes and a soft voice. I try to and finally manage to wake up, I get out of bed, and to the bathroom, I look up to the mirror and almost scream to death when I saw
    Juan S
    5/14 4:13pm
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  • my face. Mascara and eyeshadow streaked across my cheeks, making me look as bruised and battered as a bar fight, and my fake eyelashes drooped down like in a Cubist portrait. “That’s the last time I take Ambien when I’m drunk.”
    Diana T
    5/16 4:00am
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  • I sat there by the toilet, throw up formulating in my mouth. I had no motivation to get up due to my pounding head and jello legs. "Why would my friends let me drink?!". I laid down on the bathroom floor contemplating...
    Justine H
    5/27 3:46pm
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  • the provincial life left behind. Why had I moved to the big city? The farm had provided everything. I longed for my sturdy community, my fiancé whom I’d never speak to again. I thought about my new false friends and committed myself to a new chapter, better than the last.
    Sam B
    5/29 11:23pm
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The End