Elegy on Jamaica Avenue in the Year of Our Lord 3021

27 August 2019

  • Jennitha winced as the spa technician smeared the nanobot gray goo on her forehead, but what did she expect? She was living in the future after all.
    Ben S8/2/19 12:19am
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  • It had been almost a year since she had woken up in the year 3021 after being cryogenically frozen due to a malfunction in the walk in freezer at the kitchen where she worked.
    Nat S8/2/19 3:41pm
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  • What’s a chef to do in the year 3021? With all our basic biological needs met food seems to take on new meaning. Also, for some reason, people are now obsessed with turnips and other scarce root vegetables.
    Sam B avatarSam B8/2/19 5:54pm
  • Also, for some reason, people now play musical instruments with their toes.
    Ben H8/22/19 10:17pm
  • All in all, the future is a pretty wild place, Jennitha thought, and she was definitely right. Back at home she poured a packet of powder into a bowl of water, stirred, and it became a beautiful cocker spaniel puppy. The puppy barked hello, and her heart felt a little more full.
    Ben S8/26/19 12:45pm
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  • Then, the puppy died, and her heart felt a little less full. "The future sucks", Jennitha cried. Nothing made sense to her anymore. All she wanted was a nice warm meal at her favorite restaurant: the combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.
    Nat S8/26/19 9:08pm
  • Jennitha took the lifeless puppy and slowly walked out the patio door. Though it was late, the garden was bathed in the artificial colors of fast food mega giant Pizza Bell. She had just started digging a hole when a hover craft slowly approached from above.
    Sam B avatarSam B8/26/19 9:35pm
  • After Jennitha filled the hole, she stepped back and said a silent prayer. As she faded into the night, a tinny refrain issued from the hovercraft's loudspeakers and filled the arid plains: "Ask not ... Ask not ... Ask not for whom the Pizza Bell tolls; it tolls for thee."
    Ben H8/27/19 6:31pm
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The End