Expiry Date

25 March 2022

  • He looked at with eyes brimming with fury and malice. The moonlight glimmered apon his dimly lit eyes as he said, " You have to- no need to kill them, Henry." His voice starts to go frantic "I know they used to be your friends but they're beyond saving" His voice echos louder
    Physics O avatarPhysics O2/9/22 9:37am
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  • and louder, until it became a cacophonous mass of sound. Bart covered his ears with his hands. “But why?” said Bart. “You said they were redeemable back when we got our tacos! Why is it that now, suddenly that’s changed?”
    Phil H avatarPhil H2/12/22 1:58am
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  • The manager approached, eyes glowing and name tag vibrating with rage. “Expiry date.” Bart’s eyes darted up as realisation dawned upon him. They had expired.
    Holly H2/20/22 9:24am
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  • Bart unleashed his inner Karen and roared at the manager. “Expired? Expired? That’s why you do NOT teleport bread! I told you not to!” “Now calm down, Bart…” “Now we all have three days to live!” Bart looked at the calendar. Three days. Their days are numbered. “Any last wishes?”
    Jay K avatarJay K2/20/22 2:13pm
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  • Bart thought. There was only one thing he'd not yet done that he always figured he had time to do. But now with three days left to live, would he have enough time? "Listen," Bart said, "I need a waterbed, a can of Cherry Coke, Linda Ronstadt's phone number, & a Tamagotchi."
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C2/21/22 1:34pm
  • Anything is possible with Make A Wish. Okay, maybe except the illogical. Or any illegal activities. But still a waterbed, a can of Cherry Coke, Linda Ronstadt’s phone number and a Tamagotchi shouldn’t be too difficult. Bart lived for three days then rested in peace.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S3/23/22 1:29am
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The End