5 September 2019

  • The subway doors opened and a mob of costumed tweens rushed in. There were a few superheroes, one pumpkin, two skeletons, and a lanky grim reaper. Madeline was already quite late for work and had a bad feeling about this ride. Where was their chaperone?
    Sam B avatarSam B8/7/19 4:41pm
  • She considers joining the group but her snout senses deliciousness across the hinge. Her tail wags as she gets closer to the scent coming from beneath a cape on the floor - one of the superhero’s must have lost it. She lifts the cape and bites into the bun when she finds herself
    Victoria H8/7/19 11:05pm
  • magically transformed into a guinea pig! Her legs suddenly feel so short and she can feel her belly touching the floor. She feels so vulnerable now that she is unable to move with the agility of her dog body. The bun tastes good though. So worth it, despite the
    Rietje B8/7/19 11:16pm
  • loss of her fluffy tail. Finishing the bun, she looks across the room to see another guinea pig standing in a doorway. The stranger slips inside as she waddles over to investigate. Hesitantly, she peeks behind the door to see
    Ben S8/8/19 5:03pm
  • a tan and white guinea pig conveyor belting a lettuce leaf into his little pink mouth. A white guinea pig appears next to her, like a cotton ball with two red beads for eyes. It scooches closer, their eyes almost touching and whispers, "Get out of here before it's too late."
    Meredith A8/8/19 7:12pm
  • The two rodents scurried as the huge hand entered the cage and began probing through the shavings. The plumper guinea pig hid under a faded green sandcastle while the nimbler one opened a trap door she had been clandestinely installing for months, careful gnaw by careful gnaw.
    Sam B avatarSam B8/8/19 8:35pm
    Inactive HEART icon1
  • Suddenly the trap door flips up side down and the nimble guinea pig gets access to it‘s secret underground laboratory. A number of ingredients are neatly sitting on a shelf. Thinking about how to fight the hand and Save everybody else, the guinea pig starts mixing ingredients.
    Victoria H8/9/19 3:47am
  • The guinea pig knows just what to do. In what seems like minutes, her small paws mix four vials. The mixture turns gray and smoky. She gets on the table with considerable effort and then she drinks it. The room gets blurry as she transforms yet again.
    Rietje B8/9/19 6:02am
  • Her vision clears to reveal a mirror, and she lurches toward it. It can’t be. But as she moves, the beautiful figure mirrors her actions perfectly. It’s unmistakable. She has transformed into Jeff Goldblum, circa 1985, in peak physical condition.
    Ben S8/11/19 12:37am

The End