Shi Ling and the Dragon of Destiny: Part II

The trail of sparkled tears ... and oreos

24 January 2021

This story is a sequel

Or seconds. Suddenly, a wyvern rose out from the island lashing out in pain. "Those dratted humans have come to extinguish the last of our kind, dragon and little witch! Flee, flee!" He plummeted down to the ocean, allowing the rain of arrows to reach Shi Ling and the dragon.
Kara S @ 1/23 4:10am
  • Shi Ling and the dragon quickly turned their boat over and used it to shield themselves from the barrage of flame-tipped arrows heading toward them. Once the percussive thuds of arrows making contact slowed to a crawl, the emerald duo sprung into action.
    Sam B avatarSam B1/23/21 9:38pm
  • “We must stop them!” Shi Ling cried. The dragon roared and let loose a wall of flame from his mighty jaws. The very air itself seemed to burn, and Shi Ling coughed and squinted against the heat and smoke, never taking her strong fists from around the dragon’s neck. Clinging fast,
    KW T avatarKW T1/23/21 9:51pm
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  • not to fall, Shi Ling let loose one of her hands to reach out for her samurai sword, but the sword was not there! “It must have fallen on the floor when we escaped” Suddenly she heard the dragon cry in pain. A spear had passed through one of the dragon’s wings.
    Z G1/23/21 10:42pm
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  • Shi Ling had feared this moment—losing the injured dragon—and its connection to her grandfather. It broke her heart. Tears fell from her eyes and, to her surprise, solidified into stars that sparkled as they fell. They grew larger and larger until their light filled the sky.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B1/23/21 10:56pm
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  • It was like the tale her grandfather had told her years ago: of the woman in the moon. As she cried for her husband's safety as war approached, her tears created a path for him to follow. Her tears did the same, but when she looked up, she saw a dragon, flying in one direction.
    Kathryn D avatarKathryn D1/24/21 12:16am
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  • After she saw the dragon she ate some very good Oreos. The Oreos were very good.
    Ivan V1/24/21 2:40am
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The End