When will we eat lasagna? Nevermore.

14 May 2022

  • Her eyes were about to close out of tiredness. She sat deep in her armchair, watching a show from a small television. The trailer around her creaked once in a while. It was nighttime. A loud falling noise made the woman jump in panic. She looked around to see, what was the cause.
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    4/18 11:40am
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  • Then a crash. Something fell off the table. She put the item back and went back to watching TV. Then another crash. Must have been the wind, she thought. This time she put it in the drawer. Can’t fall off now, could it? She was mistaken.
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    Jay K
    4/18 12:28pm
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  • The drawer collapsed out of the desk and crashed to the floor. It shattered into splinters. Something clearly didn’t want to be put away.
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    Sean K
    4/22 11:19pm
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  • A disgruntled meow came from within the desk. It somehow knew I was going to take it to the vet. It wasn’t an ordinary visit, it knew I was going to have it put down. But it’s something I have to do, I protested. It meowed again begging for its life. I can’t see you in such pain…
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    Jacob S
    4/24 5:00am
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  • I opened the desk & reached into the drawer, but found not my sickly cat, but a mynah bird. "Meow," went the bird. "Where's my sick cat?" I wondered aloud. The mynah seemed to shrug, then tapped a note on my desktop. It read: "Dear Owner, I have left. My bird pal Flu will be your
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    Benjamin C
    4/29 5:17am
  • new acquaintance. Signed, Garfield.” … “I hope your friend doesn’t starve these days”, I say eerily to the bird.
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    The M
    5/8 4:25am
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  • The bird looked at me and chuckled. “Look Dude,” he said. “Don’t you get it? The dead can’t starve.”
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    Robin D
    5/12 9:55am
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The End