The Ants That Ate San Francisco

Victory Over Gulliver

27 February 2022

  • I waited with bated breath as the sky turned into crimson red and the air turned from feathers into daggers. She did it, she single handedly ended the world. Not a single one of us heroes could stop her either. Then, my mind started to go blank, the world dark as my mind was take
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    Physics O
    2/6 8:43am
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  • ing a new form. A wave of energy rolled over the destruction. I found myself no longer standing on 5th Avenue, but a gargantuan piece of crispy bacon. Each skyscraper had become a breakfast burrito. My car? Cheerios! "Now," cried the villain, "Earth is ready for my hungry Queen."
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    Benjamin C
    2/6 9:01am
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  • “THIS IS HOW YOU GET ANTS!” I screamed in turn. The ground began to rumble, nearly knocking me off my feet. Streams of red ants flowed from seemingly everywhere.
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  • They were huge. Possibly the largest ants I had ever seen in this realm. I cast my mind back to what Gethnik told me. ‘The trick is, with these ones, is to get as far away from them as possible’ Wise words. I turned and I ran.
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    Jason M
    2/17 1:23pm
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  • I wasn’t so much concerned about which direction I ran in, so long as it was the opposite of the ants. I really should’ve been a bit more discerning, however, as I didn’t even see the lamppost until I was millimeters away, too late to
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    Phil H
    2/19 11:33pm
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  • turn left now. My fate was sealed. The next moment I impacted the lamppost and went down sinking, moaning in agony. Light serves no purpose to the blind. At last, the ants triumphantly marched over me and claimed victory over Gulliver. The sight of creepy crawlies made me scream.
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    Jay K
    2/25 1:08am
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The End