In Search of a New Moon

26 September 2021

  • He Held the cannon to her face, she looked into it and saw the endless void."Daniel don't do this" She protested.Daniel looked at Tanya and said "You shouldn't have killed my daughter".Tanya realizes that forgiveness it off the table and acts quick In a split second Tanya.
    Physics O avatarPhysics O7/30/21 2:38am
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  • kicked the cannon so that its nose pointed up. BOOM! A cannonball rocketed into the sky. "Ain't it coming back down?" Tanya said. "No," Daniel said. "All part of my plan. Soon, it will hit the moon, cracking it, & your favorite heavenly body will be broken. Ha! Revenge is sweet!"
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C8/4/21 10:12pm
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  • The problem is, a cracked moon doesn’t just stay in 2 pieces. It keeps breaking up, each piece hitting another and another until the planet Earth has rings.
    Sean K avatarSean K8/4/21 10:24pm
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  • Without the moon, astrologists (and astronomers alike) have gotten quite confused. Turns out it’s difficult to figure out birthcharts when hundreds of fragments block out the stars.
    A —8/10/21 4:25pm
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  • After the initial chaos settled down, NASA decided to give up on the next moon landing. It was only logical since it would be impossible to land on any of the remaining moon fragments. They discussed Mars, but in the end set their sights higher.
    Emily J avatarEmily J9/14/21 7:55pm
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  • NASA had a trick up its sleeve—essentially the opposite of an atom bomb, something that creates micro black holes that could be used to re-fuse the moon’s core—but it had never been tested. After brief deliberation they assembled a team and committed earth to an unknown future.
    Sam B avatarSam B9/24/21 7:39pm
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The End