Fact No. 4675


7 April 2022

  • Fact No. 4675: In Icelandic culture a Fürdugøl is a mischievous spirit that often manifests in deep woodland during the moon’s waxing phase. It is a strange looking creature, not entirely dissimilar to a large bear but distinguished by its unique ability to
    zeej Q avatarzeej Q4/6/22 11:49pm
  • imitate a wild bear. It looks like a bear, walks like a bear and roars like a bear, but don’t be deceived. The Fürdugøl will not hesitate to tear you apart and eat your soul if you’re not careful. When travelling the woods of Iceland, make sure to bring a packet of ærünní svœrøn.
    Jay K avatarJay K4/7/22 1:08am
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