A Decision About Lunch Has Been Made

15 October 2019

  • "What should we eat?" Jan scrolled through Yelp. "Ooh, there's a new Maronite place on Division." Elena stood up and started clapping excitedly. "Ooh, I love Maronite food!"
    Ben S9/24/19 3:28pm
  • Jan had second thoughts. "I don't know, Elena, don't you think the ritual sacrifice is a little bit... barbaric?"
    Kristen M9/24/19 3:36pm
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  • "Look. Rules are rules."
    Ben H9/24/19 4:49pm
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  • “Yes, but rules can be bent. Haven’t you played Solitaire?”, she yelled. “Sometimes rules are completely ignored, like a Don’t Walk sign at 3am on a deserted street! You have to admit I have a point.”
    Sean K9/29/19 12:40pm
  • He stared at her in disbelief. In so many words, she had completely changed his mind. “Let’s go,” she said and he solemnly complied. You could hear a pin drop when the two interlopers burst into the boardroom. “What’s the meaning of this?” erupted the chairwoman.
    Sam B avatarSam B10/1/19 1:10am
  • They looked at the chairwoman with a fierce glare. “It is time for the truth.” As they told the story all meeting participants started to think and gradually smile. “...And so now you know why we had to be here” they concluded. The chairwoman looked defeated “So it is” she said.
    Rietje B10/12/19 8:18pm
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The End