Betting on a wish

A genie bookie gets his in the end

31 March 2022

  • They say, be careful what you wish for. I really, really wish I had heeded that advice. But it’s too late to try to wish away the mess I created the day I found the odd, tarnished lamp in grandfather’s attic. Up among the spiderwebs and dust, I gave it a quick rub to shine it up.
    Emily J avatarEmily J12/11/21 6:13pm
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  • I know what you're thinking. You think you've read this before, that a genie came from that old lamp & granted me 3 wishes that eventually bit me in the butt. Dear reader, do you really think this story will go in a predictable direction? Ha! It wasn't a genie that emerged, but a
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C12/14/21 12:43pm
  • Ferret, who happened to be a bookie. Luckily I had a hot tip on a horse, and a sawbuck burning a hole in my pocket. “This time tomorrow, I’ll be flush! Mark my words, fur-face!” I said to the smirking weasel.
    Sean K avatarSean K12/18/21 6:10pm
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  • I then laughed to myself at the stupidity of this situation. "You will have everything coming for you animal. And wipe that smirk off your face! You're dumber than I thought if you think you have any reason to be happy."
    Sammael H avatarSammael H1/28/22 12:36am
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  • And sure enough a group of archaeologists came across the accursed genie. They quickly stuffed the magic lamp in the bag and took off with it. Who knows what they did to it. But at least I had my revenge.
    Jay K avatarJay K3/30/22 8:38am
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  • Ten years later I came across that same magic lamp, this time displayed in an elaborate glass case. People marvelled at the ancient artifact, which glowed a glistening gold. Filled with utter joy I could not contain my exhilaration. “It belongs in a museum!”
    Jacob S avatarJacob S3/31/22 2:03pm
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The End