Squid’s Journey

17 May 2021

  • The garden. It is a special place. Roses, Chrysanthemums, Laurel bushes, Marigolds. Not squids though. Especially huge squids. There was one there now, twitching as it’s life dwindled away in the sunshine. A black helicopter hovered overhead, thudding, like an armed spider
    zeej Q avatarzeej Q4/11/21 8:12pm
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  • ready to pounce. The helicopter loomed over the giant squid withering away in the garden and turned on its loudspeaker. “Attention Giant Squid. You are in Violation of This Area’s Squid Regulations. Please Return to your Pond.” But the squid had no intention of leaving. It would
    Tony R4/22/21 10:28pm
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  • rather die than take orders from a human. Particularly since, at the moment, it seemed that its death was imminent.
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L5/5/21 6:15pm
  • With one last glare, it sauntered to the edge of the window, licked its paw a few times, and then jumped into the dark night. One one life left to live.
    Diana T avatarDiana T5/13/21 5:37am
  • The puppy leapt toward its target cool air rushing past its ears. It was young but had so much to prove. By the time it arrived at the scene it seemed too late. A teenager in a denim jacket lay face down, barely breathing, a strong scent of peanut butter in the air.
    Sam B avatarSam B5/13/21 3:16pm
  • The puppy salivated as he approached the teenager. Seconds later coughing was heard- the teen, his face covered in drool, was alive! As a reward, he gave his denim jacket to the pup, who had it tailored to perfectly fit his tiny biceps, making him the coolest pup in the litter.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B5/16/21 11:59pm

The End