The Legend of the Prehistoric BFFs

Aesop's Folly

11 May 2022

  • The only animal that could have made made the bite that killed Frank Floss was a saber-toothed tiger.
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    Benjamin C
    4/17 6:53am
  • With teeth of a saber the saber-toothed tiger sliced and diced Frank Floss with ease. Hopefully it would remember to, to be quite frank, floss its teeth.
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    Jay K
    4/17 7:00am
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  • But could the saber-toothed tiger face a woolly mammoth? Truly a battle of the century. The tiger had a head start, leaping onto the mammoth’s head, but was shaken off and impaled on one of its tusks. But the saber-toothed tiger wouldn’t take that lying down!
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    Jacob S
    4/17 1:09pm
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  • The Tiger let out a special sound - almost a whistling sound. A few minutes later, a pterodactyl swooped from the sky, coming to the saber-tooth’s aid. Prehistoric BFF to the rescue!
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    Sean K
    4/22 11:17pm
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  • The winged beauty grasped Tiger by the scruff and carried him high into the sky. Tiger gasped, at once terrified and elated. “Thank you, Winged!” He cried when he found his voice. Pteri looked down and winked. “I’ve been waiting to sweep you off your feet!” She soared higher.
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    Robin D
    5/6 10:27am
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  • “Urg, this is going nowhere!” Cried Æsop slamming the laptop shut. “The Tiger and the Pterodactyl! I had too much wine last night”. He opened TikTok on his mobile then stood it against a clay beaker. He stepped back as the music began and, fake smiling, started miming the lyrics.
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    zeej Q
    5/10 11:25pm
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The End