Wishing Star Scam!

In which blood is not thicker than water

17 January 2021

  • I watched as the automaton swiped the quill across the page with mechanical grace, adding an inky flourish to the last of my personal details. A single dotted line remained empty. The gears whirred as the bronze eyes turned to scan my blank face. "So, why do you want to live?"
    Kara S12/29 2:36pm
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  • I found my reasons deep in the well up the back paddock.
    X X12/29 3:35pm
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  • The well was dry, but occasionally I would throw a penny into it as I passed, making a half-hearted wish. None of them ever came true until the night of the comet, when the penny I threw in flew back at me, streaking parallel to the comet glowing across the midnight sky. When it
    KW T
    12/29 8:07pm
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  • landed it spun wildly into the sand, drawing the figure of a woman and child. They were holding hands and looked like they were running. What could it mean? I looked up at the comet speeding away and knew I would find out soon. Sure enough, that night I met
    Rietje B
    1/2 4:21am
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  • my estranged granddaughter and her mother—two people I hadn’t seen since I moved out to the country for my sanity. They told me they’d been visited earlier that evening by a luminous orb that spelled my name in light trails. They said they’d been given a task and that I had to
    Sam B
    1/2 6:39am
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  • buy a subscription to their service that would deliver essential oil infused leggings every month, by drone. “It’s contactless!” They assured me, “and it’s 100% not a pyramid scheme!”
    Sean K
    1/5 12:55am
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  • So I did what every cautious and intelligent person would do. I got the subscription, how in the world would I let that opportunity go! So I waited few months until I got the first package...Patchouli!! Why Patchouli!?That’s when I understood the big mistake I made. I was sad :(
    Z G1/16 4:49pm
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The End