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1 December 2021

  • “Where am I?” she asked aloud, not expecting an answer. She stood in a cave illuminated only blue green light shimmering on the walls near the entrance. A brightly backlit forest visible just beyond. “A fantasy land built from your subconscious,” replied a man’s voice.
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    A P
    10/26/21 2:28pm
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  • "How did I get here?" she asked again. "You came to this place, you know your way around, you come here every day," replied a man's voice. She was very confused because she didn't remember having passed there. She wanted answers, so she entered even if she was afraid.
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    Leyre G
    10/26/21 6:06pm
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  • "Welcome to Art's Magic Mart!" said the man behind the counter. She looked around at the ring tricks & top hats & playing cards. A box for the saw a lady in half trick sat in the corner. Why did it look so familiar? Instinctively, she felt her belly to make sure it wasn't sawed.
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    Benjamin C
    10/30/21 9:04am
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  • She felt oddly at home in the magic store. Art, the owner and lonely for customers, didn’t mind her hanging around. “Hey, do you think you’d like to join me onstage sometime?” he asked. She thought before answering. It felt right. Maybe this was a clue to her former life.
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    Emily J
    11/6/21 12:46pm
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  • She felt an odd tickle across her tummy. Her eyes went to the woman sawed in half trick. “Do you need help with that?” She whispered.
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    Sean K
    11/14/21 1:36am
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  • “No,” said the voice. Once she felt the bite of the sawtooth she jumped out the defunct prop and bolted for the wings. The crazed magician followed but got trapped under the velvet curtain let loose by the prey. “My beautiful assistant!” cried the muffled voice tasting defeat.
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    Sam B
    11/30/21 8:47pm
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The End