A Strange World

24 December 2022

  • The first contact humanity ever had with an alien race was a dead alien race, their dead lifeless bodies scattered among endless ruins on what was left of a huge advanced civilization. The four crew members of the Perses Mission which was named after the Greek Titan.
    Brayden S avatarBrayden S12/8/22 2:25pm
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  • Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty. Those were the four beamed down on the planet’s surface. All they saw were ruins. Cities covered in dust. Alien lifeforms fossilised under their feet. This was no Pompeii, no, a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried
    Jacob S avatarJacob S12/9/22 12:50am
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  • Off in the ruined distance, they spotted a solitary object. Red. Rectangular. The four trudged thru the dust. Kirk looked at the phone inside. “What is this?” “This device is called a TARDIS,” Spock answered. McCoy flung up his hands. “Dammit Jim, this Force is getting weird.”
    Emily J avatarEmily J12/14/22 12:52pm
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  • A sound drifted over the flats, like bare feet slapping against stone, & a cloud of dust rose on the horizon. "Phasers on stun," Kirk advised. The approaching vehicle came into view—a car made of stone & wood. A man in an orange fur was driving. He eyed Spock. "D'you know Gazoo?"
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C12/16/22 3:36pm
  • “No,” said Spock with typical reserve, while telepathically directing his crew to torch the furry foe’s vessel, foolishly made with flammable material—a real Tardis. Kirk eyed Spock: it was time. They backed away and collectively beamed up, Gazoo be damned!
    Sam B avatarSam B12/24/22 6:33pm
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The End