22 March 2022

  • "He is physically abusing me!" I yelled hoping someone would hear me.
    Emma M avatarEmma M3/11/22 2:44pm
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  • “Oh, quit being overdramatic!” he retorted, “You didn’t get a free handbag, so what? Why don’t you scream ‘Fire’ instead, since you like getting attention so much!” Everyone stopped in their tracks, eyes fixed towards us. Some whipped out their phones. “World Star!” a voice went.
    Jay K avatarJay K3/11/22 4:45pm
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  • She leapt up on a chair and started singing opera. Puccini, perhaps? I’m not sure. She couldn’t help it. When a camera was focused on her, she felt compelled to perform. Even in line at the DMV.
    Sean K avatarSean K3/21/22 11:10am
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  • Her voice was so loud and so clear that every single window simultaneously exploded into dust. A man rushed in claiming insurance for his damaged vehicle, but was drowned out by the thunderous applause of the audience who cheered in support of the singer. DMV? More like MTV.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S3/21/22 2:10pm
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  • A video of her "performance" went viral. Dozens of agents approached the Singer, but only one got her signature: me, Desiree "Devoted" Donatello. You might know some of my other clients like Mary Lynn Monroe, a model for Kohl's catalogs, or Li'l Bronty, the tiny rapping dinosaur.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/21/22 5:17pm
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  • The worst part of it all was she threw it all away over some argument about “exposure” and “notoriety.” She wanted control over the situation, but that’s just not possible in a case like this. So she did the one thing she could do: she deleted everything & never spoke of it again
    Phil H avatarPhil H3/22/22 2:51pm
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The End