When the Hammer Misses

Honey? Honey?

21 July 2024

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    Why? Why would he fall for such a scam and want to ruin our marriage? She is not real!
    Byline Author5/18 8:58pm
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  • Maybe that's the attraction she is as real as he wants her to be in his head. His head. Mary grabs the hammer from the middle kitchen drawer. "Honey?"
    Josh C avatarJosh C6/13 10:00am
  • “If I may..”, she took three quick steps forward and swung the hammer, missing his head by millimeters. He looked up and recoiled, just in time, as if he had been even one second behind, the hammer would have struck right at his left temple.
    The L avatarThe L7/3 3:33pm
  • “You see? I knew he wasn’t dead.” She responded with a smile, as if she hadn’t almost killed a man. I sighed. She always had a tendency to push her luck.
    Yuki A avatarYuki A7/18 9:38pm
  • Which could only mean one thing: time to go to Vegas! But that was 2,008 miles away. It was risky… but they could try the Blue Cube of Luck. “Hit it,” she said, and they waited for the Totally Safe(TM) Blue Fog to come out and (hopefully) fulfill their wish. Who knows what could…
    Phil H avatarPhil H7/18 9:46pm

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