23 March 2022

  • Raindrops fell outside the window, with the sounds of thunder echoing in the distance. The fireplace crackled and gave off a gentle glow, illuminating the figure of a cat curled up on a rug. A lone bookshelf stood next to the fireplace.
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    Jay K
    2/27 4:49am
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  • The cat had read most of the books by now, so he’d intended to go to the library on Thursday to pick up a few more… right after this nap. But something happened during that nap. Something that would alter his fate forever…
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    Phil H
    2/27 9:47pm
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  • It was during that nap, basking in the afternoon sun, that the cat had a dream. Most of his dreams involved bottomless tins of Fancy Feast or catching songbirds made of tuna, but this one was about another cat. "You don't belong here," it mewed. Then it turned into chorizo pizza.
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    Benjamin C
    3/14 6:19pm
  • Ursula awoke, sweaty and confused. It took a moment to remember herself. “That dream again!” she whispered. She opened her curtains to see the Sun rise over the rim of the crater. “Enough! This colony won’t govern itself. Time to work.”
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    Sean K
    3/15 2:50am
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  • The colony was bustling. The workers before her were up already, in progress to continue on their work on scavenging, exploring and examining the crater and it's surroundings. Notes were made, greetings were shared. Someone whistled.
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    3/15 4:40am
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  • Ah, the beauty of slave labor. Let your own people flourish while the rest of humanity suffers. Very economically feasible indeed although she secretly feared an uprising from the slaves. She might as well enjoy it while she still could, things were about to go south pretty soon.
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    Jacob S
    3/23 1:39am
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The End